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Specialist Heritage Joinery | Solid Wood Doors, Exterior or Interior | Bowden Tailored Wood

Revive the past with our expert Refurbishment service


At Tailored Wood, we understand the significance of preserving the charm and character of historic properties. Our window and door refurbishment services breathe new life into joinery, extending the longevity and restoring the aesthetic.

Our Approach to Refurbishments

Preserving Heritage

We believe that the stories embedded in historic windows deserve to be preserved. Our skilled teams meticulously restore original features while addressing issues such as decay, rot and drafts.

Window Refurbishment Specialist Heritage Joinery | Box Sash & Casement Windows | Bowden Tailored Wood

Craftsmanship Reimagined

With a deep respect for tradition, we blend age-old techniques with modern restoration practices. The result is windows that not only retain their authenticity but also boast enhanced durability and energy efficiency.

Window Refurbishment Specialist Heritage Joinery | Box Sash & Casement Windows | Bowden Tailored Wood

Tailored Solutions

Just as no two historical windows are the same, our refurbishment approach is tailored to each project’s unique requirements. Whether it’s intricate moulding or distinctive glazing patterns, we ensure that the character of your windows remains intact.

Window Refurbishment Specialist Heritage Joinery | Box Sash & Casement Windows | Bowden Tailored Wood

Aesthetic Revival

Our refurbishments not only enhance functionality but also restore aesthetics. Through careful attention to detail, and appropriate finish and hardware, we restore your joinery sympathetically, reinstating its original beauty.

Window Refurbishment Specialist Heritage Joinery | Box Sash & Casement Windows | Bowden Tailored Wood

Expert Consultation

Our experienced team provides insightful consultation, guiding you through the refurbishment process. From understanding the historical context to selecting the right materials, we ensure a collaborative journey.

Window Refurbishment Specialist Heritage Joinery | Box Sash & Casement Windows | Bowden Tailored Wood
Case Studies

Discover our restoration & innovation for yourself…

Through our window and door refurbishment services, we bridge the gap between past and present, breathing new life into architectural treasures.

Explore our portfolio to witness the remarkable results of our window and door refurbishments. Discover how we seamlessly blend restoration with innovation, ensuring your windows and doors stand as a testament to both heritage and craftsmanship.

Peninsula Barracks Winchester Refurbishment Windows and Doors by Tailored Wood Salisbury
Case Study

Preserving History at Peninsula Barracks, Winchester

Winchester, Peninsula Barracks
Windows & Doors Refurbishment in Botley Hampshire by Tailored Wood
Case Study

Restoring Victorian Charm in Hampshire

Botley, Hampshire
How we Work | Specialist Heritage Joinery | Box Sash & Casement Windows | Welcome to Tailored Wood
Case Study

Restoring Grandeur at Bourne Hill House

Bourne Hill House, Wiltshire

What People Say...

We needed restoration work as well as complete replacements for some sash windows, and I have to say I now can’t tell which is which. Many of the period details had been removed from the building by previous owners but with the help of Joel and his team we managed to restore the soul of my home. From start to finish such care and attention goes into their work it was a joy to work with them.

Zoe Butterworth

Box Sash & Casement Windows, Door Set | Ringwood, Hampshire

I cannot recommend Tailored Wood highly enough. Really good local business with highly motivated staff. Not only superb craftsmen but also keen to renovate rather than replace where ever possible. Always on time, kept mess to a minimum and fantastic after sale service on any snags. If you are considering any door or window projects I would always include these guys in your round of quotes.

Malcolm Lee

Sash Windows Restoration & Replacement | St Cross, Winchester

WOW! Joel & his team completely transformed our rotting single glazed windows in our period terrace home. Using a combination of refurbishment and new windows we now have beautiful wooden sash double glazed windows entirely in keeping with the property. Joel’s attention to detail, great communication throughout the project, and thorough cleaning down each day made it a whole lot less stressful than we’d anticipated. Joel & his team were an absolute pleasure to work with and have in our home, we would highly recommend them.

Amy Elizabeth Austin

Sash Windows Refurbishment & Replacement

We are absolutely delighted with our new hardwood sash windows! They are so beautiful and we are so pleased to have been able to retain as much of the original wood as possible. They look exactly like the originals and it is almost impossible to see they are double-glazed. We are so glad we did not go for the more expensive PVC wood imitations. Excellent skilful fitter too.

Lysbeth Sleath

Sash Windows Restoration & Replacement | St Cross, Winchester

After meeting with Joel, his personable approach, and excellent advice and ideas, were our reasons for choosing Joel and his team to make and fit our windows. The windows have transformed the front of our house. The craftsmanship is excellent and the attention to detail regarding decorating and finish is second to none. The after-service was excellent.

We’re now getting Joel and his team back to install a skylight. Thank you to Tailored Wood. Highly recommended.

Steve Misselbrook

Roof light double glazed unit replacement

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