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Wooden Front Doors in Trowbridge

Hardwood and timber front doors in Trowbridge built to your unique specifications and wishes by our expert joiners

At Tailored Wood, we know that a sympathetically, and appropriately designed and manufactured wooden front door can transform any elevation or outside space. Our commitment to crafting exquisite timber front doors that seamlessly blend tradition with innovation is at the heart of every creation.

Elegant and timeless hardwood front doors crafted with precision

At Tailored Wood we are able to design and handcraft beautiful hardwood timber doors to accentuate the beauty of your Trowbridge home.

The front door of your home is the main entrance, the first feature that most people will notice, and is an area that is always going to experience heavy traffic, as well as being the aspect of your house that separates you from the outside world. But in terms of considerations regarding its upkeep, there are 3 main factors; safety, aesthetics, and insulation.

If you live in Trowbridge and have an existing hardwood door which needs some ‘TLC’ or simply want to get a hardwood front door to replace what you already have, then we can help you with that.

We have a wide range of designs available, all of which can be finished with different options. Or perhaps you have your own bespoke specification in mind when you envision your new wooden timber front door in Trowbridge? Our expert joiners can create something unique for you.

For more information and a bespoke quote, please contact us by using the enquiry form below, we work nationwide, not just Trowbridge.

Our Hardwood Front Doors in Farnborough are Craftsmanship Redefined

From conventional four and six-panel designs, to entirely bespoke, intricate designs, our craftsmanship reflects a deep respect for tradition while embracing modern techniques.

No matter what the request, we can design and build something to your exact requirements which will not only enhance the architectural integrity and the value of your Trowbridge home, but also be in-keeping with the style and history of your property.

Our timber front doors are built with loving care with hardwoods. This ensures that they are solid, built to last, and hard-wearing. They are secure, and come with modern draught strips and weather seals stop rattling, prevent water leaking through, and help you save on energy bills.

For more information and a quote for a wooden door repair or replacement cost, please contact us by using the enquiry form below.

Personalisation at its Finest

At Tailored Wood, we understand that doors are an extension of your property’s character, and we work with you to ensure your architectural preferences, ensuring a harmonious integration that elevates the aesthetics.

Because we handcraft our wooden hardwood doors, we can be very flexible with the design so your bespoke product will fit perfectly to the look and feel of your property in Trowbridge.

Modern Innovations and Function Meets Elegance

Beyond their visual appeal, our doors are designed to offer lasting functionality, exceptional weatherproofing, and security you can bet your house on.

We combine time-tested construction methods with contemporary features to create hardwood front doors that meet the demands of modern living, whilst retaining traditional construction methods. Our wooden front doors incorporate secure locking mechanisms, modern draft-proofing solutions, and energy-efficient materials.

Expert Installation

Our dedicated fitting teams bring precision and care to the installation process, ensuring that your new timber door becomes an integral part of your space. The result is a seamless fit that complements the overall design of your Trowbridge home.

If you would like to talk to us and our skilled joiners about how we can handcraft a stunning hardwood front door for your Trowbridge property, then please contact us today.

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Whether you have questions about our wooden doors, want to discuss a project or need advice on joinery solutions, our team is here to help.

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