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Traditional charm exuding contemporary sophistication

Hardwood Doors Case Study


The Buzasi’s, connoisseurs of style and elegance, embarked on a significant renovation journey to transform their property into a stunning masterpiece. With a frequent presence in magazine shoots, the Buzasi’s envisioned a new facade that would not only capture the essence of traditional charm but also exude contemporary sophistication. Their desire was to create a centralised aperture, focusing on a feature door set with sidelights that would serve as a grand entrance to their home.


The primary challenge in this project was to strike a perfect balance between traditional and contemporary design elements. The Buzasi’s sought a unique combination – a four-panel door with glazed uppers, finished in black, that would seamlessly integrate both styles. The rear door, was also a crucial element in the renovation of the property, the inclusion of an arched top light, emphasising both style and functionality.

The Solution

Understanding the Buzasis’ vision for a sophisticated yet welcoming entrance, our team at Tailored Wood collaborated closely with the clients.

The final design featured a traditional yet contemporary four-panel door with glazed uppers, providing a perfect blend of classic and modern elements. The black finish added a touch of timeless elegance, creating a visual impact that complemented the property’s new facade.

For the rear door, the addition of an arched top light and a glazed upper not only brought more natural light into the hallway but also added a distinctive architectural feature. The design was carefully crafted to ensure that both doors harmonized with the overall theme of the renovations.

The oversized dimensions of both the front and rear doors contributed to the overall grandeur, enhancing the property’s presence.

Key Features of the Replacement Doors

Traditional-Contemporary Fusion
The four-panel door design with glazed uppers achieved the perfect fusion of traditional and contemporary aesthetics, providing a timeless yet modern appeal.

Elegant Black Finish
The doors were finished in black, adding a touch of sophistication and creating a striking visual contrast against the surrounding facade.

Oversized Grandeur
Both the front and rear doors were oversized, contributing to the grandeur of the property and making a bold statement in the overall design.

Architectural Distinction
The rear door’s arched top light and glazed upper not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also brought additional natural light into the interior, creating a welcoming and well-lit space.

Collaboration and Client Satisfaction

The collaborative approach with the Buzasi’s played a crucial role in the success of the project. The oversized doors not only fulfilled the grandeur vision but also added a touch of exclusivity to the property.


The Buzasi’s replacement doors not only contribute to the aesthetic of the property but also provide some grandeur to the entrance ways. The work completed for the Buzasi’s is a perfect example of simple and effective design coupled with expert craftmanship to produce the perfect solution for the customer.

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    What People Say...

    We are exceptionally pleased with the design and attention to detail of our wooden front door made by Tailored Wood. From our first planning visit to installation, Joel and the team could not have been more helpful and accommodating. The exceptionally high craftsmanship and great thermal efficiency, make our new front door just perfect. I highly recommend Tailored Wood for any joinery project!

    Rachel Richardson

    Door Set | Poole, Dorset

    We needed restoration work as well as complete replacements for some sash windows, and I have to say I now can’t tell which is which. Many of the period details had been removed from the building by previous owners but with the help of Joel and his team we managed to restore the soul of my home. From start to finish such care and attention goes into their work it was a joy to work with them.

    Zoe Butterworth

    Box Sash & Casement Windows, Door Set | Ringwood, Hampshire

    We are delighted with our new hand made door from Tailored Wood. From start to finish our experience was of a first class service in terms of both the door quality and customer care. A lovely bunch of guys who cared about everything they did despite having to accommodate our electrical supply changes needed to enable a new frame to be installed. We can highly recommend Tailored Wood as a differentiated independent company offering exceptional quality and customer care.

    Jackie French

    Door Set | Littleton, Winchester