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Art Deco Door Delight

Hardwood Doors Case Study


Craig Aris, a homeowner in Bournemouth, approached us with a distinctive vision for his property’s entrance. Having a keen appreciation for Art Deco design, Craig sought a replacement front door that would stand as a one-of-a-kind statement piece for his home. An important part of the design was a stained glass upper to the door, which would have to be specifically designed in-line with Craig’s vision.


The primary challenge in this project was to bring Craig’s vision to life, ensuring that the door design resonated with the Art Deco style while incorporating a custom-designed stained-glass panel that would set his property apart from others in the neighbourhood.


Following an in-depth consultation with Craig to understand his preferences and gather insights into the specific elements he envisioned, the team at Tailored Wood translated his ideas into detailed drawings.  The focal point of the project was the creation of a bespoke stained-glass panel. To achieve this, we enlisted the expertise of skilled artisans to produce a unique, double-glazed stained glass piece that seamlessly integrated with the Art Deco theme.

Key Features of Replacement Door

  • Art Deco Design
    The three-panel door was meticulously crafted to embody the geometric shapes, clean lines, and symmetry characteristic of Art Deco architecture, adding a touch of sophistication to Craig’s property.
  • Bespoke Stained-Glass Unit
    Working hand-in-hand with Craig, we conceptualised and designed a bespoke stained-glass unit that featured intricate patterns and vibrant colours, adding a personalised and eye-catching element to the door.
  • Double-Glazed Units
    To enhance energy efficiency and provide insulation, the door was equipped with double-glazed units, ensuring that the stunning stained-glass unit retained its clarity and vibrancy while meeting modern standards.


The bespoke Art Deco design, coupled with the custom-made stained-glass panel, has transformed the entrance of Craig’s property into a captivating and distinctive focal point.

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    What People Say...

    We are exceptionally pleased with the design and attention to detail of our wooden front door made by Tailored Wood. From our first planning visit to installation, Joel and the team could not have been more helpful and accommodating. The exceptionally high craftsmanship and great thermal efficiency, make our new front door just perfect. I highly recommend Tailored Wood for any joinery project!

    Rachel Richardson

    Door Set | Poole, Dorset

    We needed restoration work as well as complete replacements for some sash windows, and I have to say I now can’t tell which is which. Many of the period details had been removed from the building by previous owners but with the help of Joel and his team we managed to restore the soul of my home. From start to finish such care and attention goes into their work it was a joy to work with them.

    Zoe Butterworth

    Box Sash & Casement Windows, Door Set | Ringwood, Hampshire

    We are delighted with our new hand made door from Tailored Wood. From start to finish our experience was of a first class service in terms of both the door quality and customer care. A lovely bunch of guys who cared about everything they did despite having to accommodate our electrical supply changes needed to enable a new frame to be installed. We can highly recommend Tailored Wood as a differentiated independent company offering exceptional quality and customer care.

    Jackie French

    Door Set | Littleton, Winchester