3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Front Door

Your front door is the entrance to your home. Whether you are going to work, bustling through with your weekly shop or welcoming visitors, it’s what separates you from the world outside. It is a necessity that, if not hanging off its hinges, most chose to leave alone. But the benefits of upgrading your front door can be huge. So, here’s three reasons you may want to consider a new door in 2017:


According to LockRite Locksmith Services 72% of burglars enter through a door — which further increases vulnerability if your door is old and damaged. And it’s easy to see how the highest traffic area of your home can become dilapidated over time. Wood can shrink and crack, and rusted hinges and locks provide little security in comparison to the modern fittings on newly-designed doors.


Your front door is integral to your properties street presence and aesthetic. So, by upgrading the quality you instantly add to your home’s value. On completing this simple home improvement, not only do you benefit from raising your properties value, you can enjoy the appearance, and increase a buyer’s interest when looking to sell. In addition, if you live in a period or listed property a hardwood door is often a non-negotiable requirement to comply with strict building regulations.


No one wants the outside getting in and by ensuring your doors are properly insulated you keep the outdoors, outside. The inclusion of modern draught strips and weather seals stop rattling, prevent water leaking through, and help you save on energy bills.

At Bowden Tailored Wood we use hardwoods to ensure our doors are solid: we know that you need to feel safe when you close the door at night. And our flexibility with design allows us to create a bespoke door that fits perfectly with the look of your home — whilst keeping the elements out.

We create bespoke joinery solutions for your home to your exact specification. If you would like a free consultation or to make an enquiry click here or call +44 (0) 2381 927 979.

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